My Hero Mania Hack [UPDATED] 2023

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this newly updated Hero Mania script is an extremely OP hub packed with its own executor which makes using the script more consistent plus secure. This hack is employed by MOST OF PLAYERS RIGHT NOW IN My Hero Mania ! Because of new executor It doesn’t control THE games data so its 100 percent secure and FUd. That is the reason according to game using its untraceable by any form of Anti-cheat! This My Hero Mania hack uses a great deal operating valuable functions like auto Farm mobs which is imo most important and op one. Leave the script do its job and get op without any effort at all !

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Screenshot of My Heromania Hack

So on the off chance that you’re looking where to get good scripts, for example auto mob farm and that’s only the tip of the iceberg, we provide you the best Roblox my hero mania hack to use at this time

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-very easy to use, it has a user friendly interface

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-Updated with all my hero mania Patches

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About my Hero Mania:

Motivated by the universe of anime, My Hero Mania is one of the numerous well-known battling games on the Roblox stage at the present time, Player can take on Quests, Fight Villains like Mr.Cool or PvP Fight with different Players on the Server.