Metin 2 Hack Download 2024 | [DMG+Pickbot]

Updated Metin2 Hack Download 2022

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This Hacks works with Metin 2 Client as well as Steam Version of the Game. DMG Hack [Killaura] Deal damage to opponents near you or attacking you. Auto-collect [Pickbot] will save you a lot of time. It can be configured to collect only Yangs or every near by item.It got lot of very useful functions ,be sure to check and config everything . This Metin 2 Hack is by far one of the most superior cracked Hacks to use in Metin 2021. Also do not worry about getting banned, this Hack is 100% Undetected that means you are completely safe against Ban. You can get banned if you use hack in crowded places everyone sees you

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Destroy everyone in your way using Killaura. Enable to give your enemies hard time killing you, character will auto-attack near by mobs or players.It works by Change which hit-boxes you want to prioritize, Everything is under control just with the right setting.


Collect all items dropped near your character, you can configure it to collect only Yangs


Gain 1x to 8x default faster Moving Speed. Also works very well as Fake Lag,you are hard to target by other Players.   


You can not be Detected by any kind of Metin 2 AntiCheat, just dont use cheat in crowded places so everyone sees you…

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Screenshot of Metin 2 Hack


-Very simple to use by anyone, configurable hotkey
-100% Undetected by Metin 2 Anti-Cheat
-Get access to many useful hacks features and gain advantage in game !
-Updated every time with Metin 2 PATCHES